Thursday, April 2, 2015

Autism Awareness - Go Blue today


This is very personal to me, I have a young adult dealing with this.  He will always need some form of help. I had to do a lot of educating people on this subject when my son was in school. Lots of people were ready to give up on him. But I decided as his mom I was going to make sure he learned things. Just like every other kid his age.  Hours of going over studies, and teaching him phonic myself ( they were not teaching it at the school he was in)  he graduated with honors from high school. Top percentage of his class. Never give up, odds are meant to be beat is the lesson I learned.  Love and kindness and a sprinkle of patience will take you far in life.

I am including a link to another review site. Evelise Archer has done a really informative blog on this subject from a teacher's perspective.  She is also giving away a book from her back list.

If  you comment below here I will include you in a drawing from any book from my backlist. I only have mobi so just a FYI there.

Tell me about your experience with being different. Does not have to be autism.  Remember different is beautiful. Remember to wear blue today in honor of autism awareness.

Kalista Kyle

Saturday, November 22, 2014


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Have a wonderful week huge hugs to you all

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Free Short Story- Revenge is Best Served Hot

This is an older story I wrote, I thought you might enjoy.

Revenge is Best Served Hot
By Kalista Kyle @

Revenge is best served hot.  That single solitary thought surged through Jamie Pierce’s mind has he slid his hand over his boss’ crotch.  He was going to prove just how hot it could be between them, while they were in the middle of a video conference.
With the board of directors discussing the half year report on video, now was the perfect time.  He knew his boss didn’t want to lose his job and that he’d suffer this out rather than do anything to endanger his position.
His boss, Alexander Rydon, stood six foot four and had well defined muscles. His black hair always appeared combed to perfection. Deep tan skin and light blue eyes had inspired more than one sexual fantasy for Jamie.
The Armani suits that graced his broad frame fit as if made for him and they did, very well. Jamie might have considered flirting with him to see what team the man played for, if he was not such a workaholic asshole.
The man had made his life a living hell for the past six months since he had taken over the company after the death of Alexander’s father and owner of this branch of Ednotronics Enterprises.  From filing things wrong to wearing the wrong cloths, Jamie couldn’t do anything right. After ten years of being a loyal employee, he was going to show this new guy just what he could do right, before being fired.
With the camera only focused on Alexander, he began unzipping his boss’s pants, ensuring the hiss of the zipper went unheard. He discovered that this prim and proper man went commando under his pristine suits.
Naked flesh. Now that was a surprise he could work with.
Alexander’s voice stuttered, and he stiffened as Jamie pulled out his hard cock. One of the investors asked if Alexander was okay. Jamie looked over at him with concern on his face.
“I’m fine.” His boss cleared his throat and signaled it was okay to continue to the investors. 
Oh yeah, he was going to be way more than okay in about five minutes. Jamie smirked, thinking, after all, if you’re going to get fired, why not go out with a bang or at least seeing your boss orgasm in front of some of the richest men in the country, unable to emit a sound. 
Jamie went back to his laptop and was typing his notes with one hand while his other was full of hot throbbing cock. Alexander had a mighty fine dick. Long, thick, and leaking pre-cum like a faucet. 
Jamie wished he could sneak a peek at it, but knew his role right now was to look innocent until this was over. He fisted the long thick cock at the base, gliding it back up with a slow torturous firm stroke to the glands.
Within his palm, the pulsating cock grew stiffer by the second. Changing direction and after a dip down the balls and back up the shaft, he could feel Alexander’s balls tighten and he knew he was close to coming. This was going to be a short jack off session. One turning them both on from what he could see.
He turned to look at Alexander, witnessing his boss’ normal cool composure melting, and a muscle working in his jaw. Oh yeah, he had him right where he wanted him. With all the executives staring back at him on the screen, he was trapped until the meeting was over.
Jamie doubled his efforts, taking enjoyment in the moment, his hand barely fitting around the hard length weeping for him. The hard smooth feel of Alexander caused Jamie’s cock to stir and harden. 
He salivated in want at the thought of cock in his mouth, damn near as much as his mouth watered in exacting revenge for the way he’d been treated.  Alexander shifted in his seat in an attempt to dislodge Jamie’s hand, but it didn’t work.
Jamie tightened his hold, making it firmer as he stroked up and down faster on the granite erection, promising he’d make Alexander come if it was the last thing he did in the office building.
It was time to kick it up a notch and see just how hot he could make his boss. He brushed his thumb over the leaking head of the cock, slowly playing with the opening. Alexander’s cock shivered and he groaned under his breath. 
“Do you have any more to ask about the legal issues with Dover and Simpson?”  Mr. Zimmerman, the CEO asked in response to the groan.
 “No sir, I think we have covered all we can on that account,” Alexander’s replied tersely.
He was quickly losing his battle to keep things looking normal. He looked like he was tethering the edge of his self control. His finger nails were digging into the leather of his chair. Jamie pumped faster barely containing his own groan.
Come on already, lose the battle, let’s get this over with, jeez, what was this man the energizer bunny? Maybe he could drop a pencil and suck him off to get this over with; Jamie thought to himself as he increased his efforts again. Alexander dropped his pencil, his hands turning white as he clenched his fists.  Jamie was feeling very close to victory.
Alexander coughed and blurted out “Fire,” all the executives stopped talking and looked at him from the screen.  Jamie pasted a ‘what the heck are you talking about?’ look on his face.
“Sorry Gentlemen we have to cut this short, the fire alarm just went off,” Alexander said, cutting the connection. Then he turned to Jamie with eyes blazing.
“What are you doing?” Alexander demanded.
“If you have to ask, I am obviously doing it wrong,” was Jamie’s saucy reply.
“Besides the obvious,” Alexander panted his head going back momentarily, an expression of pure bliss on his face. He recovered fast though and stopped Jamie’s hand by covering it with his.  “Why?”
“For being a world class ass of a boss to me for the past six months, that’s why. I figured you were about an inch from firing me anyway. This way, I got to have a little fun before I was shoved out the door.”
He regarded his boss with a hooded look not bothering to tame his flippant replies. He was going to make no apologies for his behavior Alexander had it coming to him. He was just lucky this was all Jamie did before quitting.
Alexander grabbed Jamie by the collar and hauled him out of his chair and into his lap in one fell swoop.  “Listen to me carefully you little shit. I didn’t make your life a living hell,” Alexander adamant voice temporarily stunned Jamie. “You have made mine nothing but hell, every day I endure your tight little ass sashaying around the office. I swear you have been trying to drive me insane. And this stunt seals it!”  Alexander sealed their mouths that screamed of a kiss long overdue.
Jamie felt Alexander pried open his mouth while his tongue invaded and conquered. The man was all heat and fire, a far cry from the icy exterior Jamie had seen around the office. The icy façade of Alexander was just that, a façade, Jamie thought, kissing Alexander back.
Jamie tried to move his arms up around Alexander’s neck only to have them pinned to his side when Alexander ripped off his jacket and bound his arms, Jamie could not have moved if he wanted too.
“You do not get to move anymore,” Alexander ground out as he pried his mouth off of Jamie. Using one hand to keep Jamie’s arms pinned he used the other to rip his shirt open, exposing Jamie’s torso for his appraisal.
Jamie thought he was going to explode. His cock was so hard it twitched, when he felt Alexander’s mouth travel down his neck to his right nipple. The feel of his boss’ agile tongue sweeping over his body made Jamie squirm. He tried to lift his harms up to hold Alexander’s head. 
That was when Alexander grunted out “You are mine. I call the shots, you obey.”
Alexander’s command came out with a gruffness Jamie had never heard in his voice before.  Seeing this new sexy dominate side to his boss made a submissive side Jamie didn’t know he had want to come out to play.
He fisted his hands and was perfectly still waiting for the dominant to take control almost holding his breath to see what he would do next. When Alexander’s mouth left Jamie’s body, it was all Jamie could do not to follow and have more of that hot sinful mouth on him. Alexander brought his cock to Jamie’s mouth.
 “Suck,” the chilled demand aroused him further.
Jamie was more than willing to comply, not wanting his cock to burst as he stared into the dick his hand had recently surrounded. His mouth watered at the thought that that long thick prick was soon going to be submerged in his mouth. Jamie had all he could do not to lift up and take what he wanted. Waiting proved a new form of torture as Alexander slowly brought his cock to Jamie’s open and ready mouth.
Jamie wrapped his mouth around the mushroom shaped tip slowly adding pressure. He glided his mouth down the long wide shaft. Jamie was adapting his sucking to the tempo that Alexander was urging. The taste and the feel were making Jamie close… so very close to coming. But he wanted Alexander to come first.
“Don’t even think about it,” Alexander said giving Jamie’s leg a light slap. “No coming until I say you can."
Jamie felt the button and zipper to his pants go down. Then the air hit his bare flesh as his boxes and pants hit the floor. Jamie moaned sending vibrations up Alexander’s cock. As Jamie continued to swallow down Alexander’s cock he pushed past the need to gag and swallowed the entire length to the root. 
At the same time he could feel lube and the fingers of his boss at his hole with hot fingers working their way inside. Jamie squirmed. He couldn’t help it. He moaned. He wanted more much more. He got two fingers tapping his prostate.
Jamie couldn’t sit still. He arched up to get those fingers in deeper. Alexander slapped Jamie’s ass to get him to sit still and put three fingers in him. Jamie lost track of time as his world became, sucking and feeling.  
Finally Alexander pulled his cock out of his mouth. Jamie moaned at the loss. He was hauled up by his hair and his mouth taken and plundered by Alexander. He heard the rip of a condom wrapper and a second later he had Alexander’s hot hard cock fully inside him. Jamie tried to stay still. 
“Sir, please,” Jamie begged he had to move. 
“Let go,” Alexander said, and began to fully pound Jamie into the table.
Jamie saw stars and exploded all over the front of his bosses white Armani shirt. Alexander continued to pound James hole until finally with a shout muffled by Jamie’s mouth he came inside the thin barrier. Jamie fell back against the cool desk, for the first time feeling the uncomfortable poke of his laptop in his back.
“Does this mean I get to keep my job?” Jamie asked with a smug smile on his face. He was sure he had the upper hand now.
Alexander tossed a linen hanky at Jamie.  “No this means you’re fired,” he responded not even bothering to look at Jamie.
“What the fuck?” Jamie was preparing for the tantrum to end all tantrums.
“You are now mine. You are going to move in with me and we are going to do this and more every night for the rest of our lives,” Alexander stated pulling out and disposed of the condom.
Dumbfounded Jamie open mouth stared.
“You heard me.” Alexander stated pulling Jamie’s clothes back together the best he could after ripping them off his little man.
“What?” Jamie was confused. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to be Alexander’s sub but he wanted to know the rules first. He had gone from most hated man in the office to his lover so fast his head was spinning.
“I have watched you for months. The way you move, the way you talk. The way you breathe turns me on. I am tired of looking and not touching. I am getting nothing done because I am lusting after my secretary. It ends today. You are going to be mine, you are coming home with me and we are going to do this right. Oh, and tomorrow you’re getting a contract. One we’ll discuss.” Alexander’s voice softened.
The warmth and sudden tenderness in his dark brown eyes just about floored Jamie. His boss cared for him. He could see it in his eyes and feel it in his touch as he straightened out Jamie and made him presentable again.
“And if I say no?” Jamie asked just to be hard to get.
He could not have the dominate thinking he would just roll over anytime he commanded. Jamie might be a sub in the bedroom but outside of it he was his own person. He didn’t want to live the lifestyle outside the bedroom.
“Then I persuade you. What are your terms, brat?” Alexander asked as he grabbed Jamie’s hands in his. 
It was like he didn’t want to lose the connection even for second. Jamie was happy to stay like that. He liked Alexander’s hands on him.
“I want to submit to you, but only in the bedroom. Outside of it I want a say in things. I don’t mind moving in with you, but I want a say in our day to day life. I am not mindless. I don’t want to live like I am,” Jamie stated. He had grown up with a controlling father he wasn’t going to have a lover that couldn’t respect him.
“Done," Alexander said, shaking Jamie's hand. "I knew you were going to be trouble,”
Jamie tugging Alexander down for a hotter than sin kiss. “I knew revenge should be served hot.”

~ The End ~