Thursday, April 2, 2015

Autism Awareness - Go Blue today


This is very personal to me, I have a young adult dealing with this.  He will always need some form of help. I had to do a lot of educating people on this subject when my son was in school. Lots of people were ready to give up on him. But I decided as his mom I was going to make sure he learned things. Just like every other kid his age.  Hours of going over studies, and teaching him phonic myself ( they were not teaching it at the school he was in)  he graduated with honors from high school. Top percentage of his class. Never give up, odds are meant to be beat is the lesson I learned.  Love and kindness and a sprinkle of patience will take you far in life.

I am including a link to another review site. Evelise Archer has done a really informative blog on this subject from a teacher's perspective.  She is also giving away a book from her back list.

If  you comment below here I will include you in a drawing from any book from my backlist. I only have mobi so just a FYI there.

Tell me about your experience with being different. Does not have to be autism.  Remember different is beautiful. Remember to wear blue today in honor of autism awareness.

Kalista Kyle